For School Classes

Are you planning a school trip or an educational and adventure excursion?
Our museum invites you to get to know our favourite element, wood, in the most creative way! Here you can see what you can do with it. Whether cheeky shapes, funny figures, old masterpieces from times gone by, beautiful furniture or surprising creations, wood carving requires the highest precision and the finest craftsmanship. The museum provides an insight into the entire spectrum.
Perhaps your pupils would like to try their hand at it themselves? This works perfectly with a quick cow carving course and guarantees the ideal souvenir to take home. Don’t miss out on the new discovery workshop – you’re in for a treat!

How much does the visit cost?

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How can we travel?

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When is it open?

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A few ideas to make the whole day unforgettable:

The possibilities for offering children and young people a real adventure day are almost endless.