Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition is dedicated to the great variety of traditional and artistically significant wood carvings from the region. It shows the great importance of Brienz as a national centre of this craft.
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Woodcarvings from the region

The tour provides a very nice overview with a wide range of woodcarvings from Brienz and the Bernese Oberland. The current exhibition is dedicated to various epochs and sub-areas as well as to a broad number of outstanding artists.

Sculptures and reliefs made by master craftsmen

Represented are individual and sometimes complex group sculptures with people and animals as well as scenic, figural and ornamental reliefs in various depths. Of particular importance in these categories are the outstanding masterpieces that have been shown at domestic and foreign exhibitions and were awarded prizes. These include: Wall interiors, furniture and furnishings, small objects, souvenirs, wooden toys, nativity figures, building models, building decorations, signposts, script and coat of arms panels, emblems, didactic models.

Designs and models

Two further focal points are designs and models. Numerous original drawings and models provide information on the great creative potential of the former masters.

Music boxes and music automats

When wood sounds! Whether antique music boxes or modern music automats from the past two centuries – when music blends with the warmth of wood, a particularly captivating atmosphere is created.

Wooden chalets

Chalet means “protected place” in Latin – so it’s no wonder that people feel particularly at home in and around chalets, the masterpiece of house building. In miniature size, they are an art form in their own right, exuding their own fascination. The classic, small Oberland chalets, sometimes with interesting interiors with music or jewellery compartments, sometimes just like that, are often a coveted souvenir for visitors. In the museum, they magically attract young and old alike.

Contemporary works

The museum is also intended as a platform for wooden crafts culture. As such, it deals with wood-historical topics and seeks contact with contemporary artists and “Swiss design” in the field of wood.

Digital experience with «LIVING HISTORY GUIDES»

At the cash desk you will receive a tablet and move through the exhibition with the help of a support system. Information and background stories on individual exhibition objects can be accessed via QR codes. The “Living History Guide” gives you direct access to historical photos, film clips and information on past special exhibitions. The offer is constantly being expanded.

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