Special exhibition 2023 – CUBES

In some 90 years of existence of the association, the traditional craft has constantly developed thanks to its versatile members from all over Switzerland and is represented today in art as well as in the most diverse forms of design and work.

This mobile exhibition with numerous wood sculptors shows the diversity of the valuable work of the Swiss Wood Sculptors Association and makes a stop in the heart of wood carving, in Brienz, from May 6 – October 29, 2023.

Permanent exhibition «Woodcarving»

An insight into the big wide world of wood carving!
Friendly laughing bears . Grim mountain people . The famous wooden cow . Intricate groups . Sophisticated forms of nature . Ornamental reliefs . People, animals, figures, forms and much more.

The permanent exhibition is dedicated to the great variety of traditional and artistically significant wood carvings – feel free to immerse yourself! Our wood carver is regularly on site and lets you look over his shoulder.

Special exhibits to date

  • 2020 & 2021 was marked by Carl Binder, a well-travelled famous figure in the history of wood sculpture in Brienz. Over 70 works from his estate provided a representative insight into his work. Due to the pandemic, the exhibit designed for 2020 was taken into 2021.
  • 2019 was all about women with the special and extended permanent exhibition of works from various collections on the theme of “Women Woodcarvers in the Cabinet”. The special exhibition was very well received.